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DMEB Service specialises in the repair of soft starts of different industrial brands. In many industrial fields, soft starters are often required to guarantee the adequate functionning of electrical motors and protect their durability. Soft starts are made to help reduce the negative impact that abrupt start ups can have on electrical motors for instance. The right use of a soft starter allows to control and limit rushes of electrical current while improving the stability of the electrical input of industrial motors or industrial pumps for example. 

Over the years, the DMEB staff has had the chance to demonstrate its expertise in identifiying errors and faults in most brands of soft starters. Drives and soft starters hold no secrets for us. Our technicians know how to read and interpret error messages; they know how to diagnose phase losses, and they have learned to repair parts that affect the adequate functionning of soft starters.

 Some Advantages 
of DMEB Soft Start Repair and Inspection Service

Soft Start Reliability

  • At DMEB Service, once they are repaired, electronic components from soft starters or other manufacturing equipment are tested with voltage as if in a real time situation. 
  • To complete the soft starters or variable frequency drives repair process, our staff clearns it completely and packs it safely for shipment.

Soft Starter Quality Control

  • Each soft start is inspected meticulously and when repair is completed, the wave shape at the output of each soft start is noted in its identified data file.
  • The DMEB inspection and repair technicians are trained by the original equipment manufacturers.
  • Once repaired, when a soft start is shipped back, we inform our client about the appropriate usage and maintenance recommendations of the manufacturer, and we provide all the necessary technical support on site, by phone or via the Internet.
  • Once repair activities start for a given soft starter, the latter is identified by a quality control tag that eases its identification, quality control follow ups, and it allows quick access to each client repair data file and summary.
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