Watch out for drives that overheat

Save money with regular drive inspections.

A customer recently shipped us a drive that did not work anymore because its components had overheated. To avoid this kind of situation, it is very important to proceed to regular maintenance and inspection of your industrial equipment such as drives, servomotors and electronic circuit boards. It will lengthen their useful life and help you avoid paying high repair costs once the equipment is damaged.


Drive Maintenance Advice

Here is 4 practical guidelines that will make you save money:

1-Ask a specialist to proceed to your equipment thermography at least once a year to detect the slightest overheating.

2-Be sure that you drives are correctly set with the right parameters according and your installations: if needed, ask for help from a control and instrumentation specialist.

3-Make sure that your drives are properly wired: each ground connection should pass from the motor to the drive without being interrupted.

4-The power screws must be tightened according to the manufacturer's specifications. Always read carefully the documentation supplied with your drive or ask a specialist in automation, instrumentation and control for advice.

For your servo drives, servomotors, encoders and control board maintenance or repair, contact our professionals at DMEB Service 418-228-5984

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