Repair of
Servomotors and Spindles

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The inspection and research lab of DMEB is equipped with the latest technological instruments and servo motor bench tests. Our test lab allows us to repair a large variety of servomotors, spindles and even the servos that are discontinued by the original manufacturer.

Once a spindle is sent to DMEB for repair, it is first dismantled so that all its electromechanical parts are independently tested before reassembling the servomotor. The back-EMF of the servomotor is also tested in order to verify the strength of the rotor for each servo. Bearings are also verified and their seating is measured and inspected in order to find any trace of damage or any difference with the manufacturer tolerance. The rotor shaft alignment goes through our dynamic balancing shop. The voltage of connectors, encoders and their cap is also tested independently. Finally, the technicians of DMEB carry on with the complete inspection of the spindle stator including its winding. Our team can fix spindles cost-effectively.

CNC Servomotor and Spindle Troubleshooting

CNC machinery is often used in the field of metalworking and DMEB has been serving CNC equipment users for many years. We are specialized in the troubleshooting of servo motors and spindles of CNC systems of many different brands. Our research and development process combined with our hands-on testing approach and our different bench tests allow us to rapidly troubleshoot servo motors and read encoders. Our fast and reliable CNC component repair service insures our customers that DMEB Service is a cost-effective solution to the troubleshooting of CNC components such as servos, spindles and their related encoders.

Spindle Troubleshooting and Quality Control

When you trust DMEB with servomotors and encoders, a systematic quality control process of different steps begins from the reception of the part until its safe shipment back to our client. Each quality control step allows our client to follow up with us at any time during the process inspection, repair or troubleshooting of their spindle. Our quality control method is also a token of DMEB's high quality service provided by highly qualified technicians. In summary, here are the quality control steps of servo motors at DMEB Service:

  • Creation of a troubleshooting and data analysis file when the part is received
  • Inspection of every servomotor component off-voltage
  • Test of servomotor parts with voltage
  • Sending of a detailed quote to our client with the recommanded maintenance guidelines by the manufacturer
  • Identification and replacement of damaged servomotor components
  • Repair and troubleshooting of the servomotor with precision
  • Test of the servomotor with and without voltage
  • Noting of wave shapes at the output of the servo motor in the customer troubleshooting data file
  • Cleaning of the spindle and application of protective spray paint to cover any paint damage and complete the servo refurbishing
  • Stamping of a quality control seal from DMEB Service to ease future follow up if need be
  • Packing of spindle with care and protective material
  • Shipment back to customer: rule of thumb is normally within 10 days after initial reception
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