Industrial Electric and Electronic Equipment Rental

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DMEB Service rents electric and electronic equipment such as drives, soft starts and servomotors to temporarily replace defective equipment that needs to undergo maintenance, repair or inspection.

That service allows our customers to avoid the interruption of their normal production or manufacturing activities while urgent or preventive maintenance is carried out by DMEB technicians at a cost-effective price.

5 Advantages

of renting industrial electronics at DMEB Service

  • Solution that is cost-effective
  • Replacement with an identical equipment offering the same or even improved performances
  • Delivery of rented equipment is fast and can be planned in advance
  • Strategy to save production costs since renting equipment for preventive maintenance activities avoids the expensive and often unplanned interruption of industrial production activities
  • Planning of preventive maintenance activities is eased with the rental service


Need to repair industrial machinery or CNC?

drive / vfd
soft start
Servomotor and encoder
electronic board and power supply
brands repaired
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