Variable Speed Drive Repair

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In addition to being the only Canadian Authorized Service Centre from coast to coast for Yaskawa products, DMEB Service has a team highly skilled in the repair and maintenance of variable frequency drives or VFDs. We are also an authorized Danfoss Service Centre. Our team is able to quickly inspect and diagnose electronic or electrical issues with drive units. We offer preventive maintenance solutions that increase the lifespan of industrial equipement and help avoid future electronic faults or drive error message. We can also help you program your variable speed drive by phone.

 Some advantages 
of DMEB variable speed drive inspection and repair service

Save Money on Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

  • Rule of thumb, the repair of drives by DMEB is often two times less expensive than drive replacement

Save Time with Drives

  • DMEB Service rents VFDs to replace those that are being repaired or inspected.
  • The original drive parameters are saved and restored after repair in order to avoid drive reprogramming.
  • DMEB Service has access to electronic parts and models that are not manufactured anymore. We are in contact with the original manufacturers and their retailers. Trusting DMEB with your drives saves time looking for back order or discontinued electronics. 
  • Before proceeding with repair, DMEB contact its clients to inform them about the state of their equipment and to clearly explain the repair procedure and its cost.
  • Rule of thumb, our technicians inspect, repair and deliver drives within 10 days.
  • The main VFD unit is tested with and without voltage. Electrical load applied to each unit is adjusted according to its power (hp).
  • DMEB Service also repairs variable frequency drives that are no longer manufactured and that include parts that are difficult to find on the market.
  • DMEB also specializes in Yaskawa variable speed drive repair
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