Servomotor preventive maintenance

Servomotor Inspection and Preventive Maintenance

It is recommended that professionals take care of the preventive maintenance of your servomotors every 5 to 10 years. The maintenance frequency depends on these two factors

-The type and brand of your servomotor
-The number of hours per week the servomotor is running

Shutdown Risks Minimized

If the maintenance is not regularly taken care of, the brake of your servomotor can block and produce metal dust that will prevent the servomotor from operating efficiently or cause a shutdown of the machinery it relates to. A servomotor brake can become defective after overheating. That would considerably increase the repair and maintenance cost of your servomotor. If bearing maintenance has never been taken care of, the odds are that the productivity of the servomotor will decrease because of overheating and the servomotor will require more force to accomplish the task.

Consult the list of all servomotor brands that we inspect and repair here. Contact now our technicians at DMEB Service to be sure about the good condition of your servomotors: 1 418-228-5894

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