Tropicalization of Electronic Boards

Tropicalization of electronic boards

DMEB Service is a preventive maintenance centre for electronic circuit boards. One of our specialties is tropicalization. When we tropicalize, we protect all links and welding joints between the board components against short circuits. When an electronic board is tropicalized, it resists more effectivement to the factors of a severe environment such as:

  • moisture
  • oxydation
  • corrosion
  • humidity
  • metal dust

Tropicalization results: before and after

On the two pisctures above, you can see non-tropicalized electronic boards that we had to repair because of metal dust had accumulated and caused a short circuit.  


On the other picture, you will see an electronic board that will certainly have a longer shelf life because it has been tropicalized. The use of quality products allows a single application on the components is necessary for the lifetime of an electronic board. Contact now our technicians: by e-mail ( or by phone : 1-418-228-5984.

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